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GAU Client Services

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Game Library/Store

Sift through our carefully collated game libraries for the newest and best games and more from a plethora of genres. Check it out today!


Join scheduled ESport events and learn the craft yourself or create your own event and invite your friends to compete against you for GAU!


Showcase your skills and personality to the world and set up your own streaming portal where you can build audiences, accept donations and more!

Learning Portal

Earn GAU rewards by completing micro-gaming lessons that not only make learning fun and exciting but also lucrative!


Access 100% of all our Gauntlet services with GAU that you've already earned from gaming, streaming, competing or learning.


Donate to other users or humanitarian causes across the globe. It's your chance to give back if you wish!

Gauntlet Aims For Positive Impact

We are a group of passionate, dedicated and like-minded individuals focused on delivering engaging technologies that positively impact the lives of everyone.

We want to highlight the importance of good technology and the positive benefits it can bring to the world. We aim to do this through education, awareness and gaming experiences.

Gauntlet aims to be a number one gaming token that will be used by many GameFi projects inside and outside of the Binance ecosystem. From purchasing games and accessories and game related services to P2P payment options for streaming and ESport activities, Gauntlet aims to make GAU a central payment token witin the gaming space.

With many gaming projects coming on board daily, a seamless payment token between fresh innovative platforms is a much anticipated and welcome service to have. It not only encourages Blockchain efficiency but also creates a much richer gaming community.

Your Passion Is Our Goal

Welcome to the future of gaming and education technology. Gauntlet wants to become part of your life! to allow you to explore endless possibilities giving you more opportunities to experience our vision and to achive new gaols, whilst earning within our platform.

Whilst gaming is fun, Some people want more so Gauntlet will be a place where gamers can meet, play, compete, stream, learn, purchase and trade all under one roof.

We want to break the stereotype that gaming is just a one-dimensional activity that people use to 'get away' from reality and zone from everyday life. By tapping into the gaming infrastructuresand to open up more opportunities than previous generations.

Gauntlet has a future that has you, the end user in mind. We will be introducing more services, both token and game related and will expand our esports ambitions to new heights. There are exciting developments and communities growing everyday in this space and we will be happy to partner with many of them. Stay tuned and watch this space!


Chain: Smart Chain

Contract: 0xFf5d7f91382DCB2a75 BB3ffA968E5044567ac4eb

Token Name: Gauntlet

Ticker: GAU

Supply: 10 Million

Max Supply: 100 Million

Decimals: 9

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Roadmap 2022

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Our Unique Platform

Improve Your Gaming Experience with Key Features

Be the gamer you always wanted to be by connecting to our massive online store, cool dashboard with snapshot metrics and our community tools built into each feature.

We have teamed up with the top gaming portals on this platnet to bring you unbelievable value, experiences and opportunities. Our gaming client will cater for many types of services under one roof.

GAU Anti-Cheat System

Engage with our platform and avail of our anti-cheat gaming and rewards system which will level the playing field for everybody.

Cryptocurrency + Rewards

We reward you GAU tokens when you play, stream, compete and learn. It's that simple!

Gauntlet Academy

Learn the basics of cryptocurrency, gaming and other innovations with our micro-gaming courses and get paid!

Our Community

A place where you want to be from 2022 onwards!

Say goodbye to multiple platforms that reward you next to nothing and say hello to one platform that does it all! The Gauntlet Client will offer users a downloadable client that will have multiple services available to them. What's more exciting is we reward GAU to users who engage with these services. We are building an entire ecosystem around this concept and we plan to have multiple partnerships and platforms coming soon!

GAU Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions we have got to date

Gauntlet is a new gaming and learning client that can be downloaded onto your desktop regardless of your operating system. It combines many types of services and puts them all into one easy to use client. The best part about the client is when you use each of the services you are rewarded GAU crypto which can be used in the client and exchanged for other crypto tokens.
Gauntlet will offer the following services but will offer more in the future as the community and the project develops; Game Sales, Game Integration, Streaming, ESport Events, Learning Academy, Rewards, Donations, Trade & Business Services.
The downloadable GAU client will link to your token wallet. Users can accumulate their GAU tokens for staking or farming activities or simply use them to ugrade, exchange or send P2P within the client.
Users will have the the option to donate their GAU to humanitarian and wildlife causes listed within the client. GAU tokens can also be gifted to other Gauntlet streamers while watching their broadcasts. This is a great way to appreciate their efforts. You can even send GAU to any individuals that has a Gauntlet receiving address, there is no limit. The transactions are instant and very low cost.
The Gauntlet Academy will be the learning portal for Gauntlet. As we love games so much we've created mini-courses on innovations and technology that reward users for completing them. These courses are designed to education our user-base on topics such as cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and other emerging trends.
Gauntlet wants to transform the typical customer journey that many users experience in today's digital economy. We don't want to stop at a basic offering, we want to address the real individual behind the username. We want to take each user on a journey with us, entertain them, enable them to learn, connect, get healthier both mentality and physically all the while rewarding them for their loyalty and engagement. We want to make the world a better place one person at a time and bring a positive impact to their lives through the various innovative technologies that are available not only today but also what coming in the future.
Gauntlet is an Irish based company however it's core group and it's members are located all over the world. Our advisors are based in the United States, Europe and beyond. The company directors are based in Ireland and the UK. With a passion for gaming, entrepreneurship, cryptocurrency and education, the team have overcome real-life borders, cultures and distances focused on delivering engaging technologies that positively impact the lives of people across the globe.
We are currently working on a prototype which we hope will be available for Beta testing early in 2022. Users can however support our project right now by joining our community, subscribing to our newsletter and even owning some of their own GAU tokens if they wish. We also welcome people to join our team so if you have a gift and a talent and are interested in working with us and growing with us, drop us an email at

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